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Charlene Kam, Director
Mrs. Charlene Kam was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to U.S.A. in 1989 to attend college. Mrs. Kam graduated from the University of Miami in 1993 with a BA in chemistry and a minor in biology and secondary education. She returned to the University of Miami graduating in 1996 with a Masters in Business Administration with specializations in Management Information Systems and International Business. She moved to Auburn, AL in 1997 and founded The Children’s House.
Mrs. Kam has received certification from the London Montessori Center, stating that she has attended the Montessori practical workshop for children 2 ½ to 6 years of age. She completed her practical primary training in 1998 from National Center for Montessori Education. She served as a mentor to trainees for the Child Care Resource Center’s (CCRC) entry level training for new center staff, Introduction to Child Care. She was president of the Lee County Family Child Care Providers during 1998– 2001. Mrs. Kam also holds a Certification in Montessori Elementary Education with MACTE accredited training program, MontessoriLive Training Center.

"The education of the whole child built on a strong foundation of love, peace, and an inner desire to learn."

Dr. Maria Montessori
After working with children for 37 years, Susan Harper joins the staff at Auburn Montessori School-The Children’s House. Susan grew up in a military family. She attended nine schools in twelve years. 
Susan has a Bachelors degree in Studio Art from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Susan later owned and operated an art gallery in the East Village, New York and worked at the Third Street Music School Settlement in a program focused on teaching young children through the arts based on a Montessori model. 
Under the guidance and mentorship of  Dr. Feland Meadows, Susan received her Montessori certificate from Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS), in Atlanta Georgia in 1995.  She later took her American Montessori Society training at NCCMTE (North Carolina Center for Montessori Teacher Education) for students six to twelve years of age. During this time she pursued and completed her Masters degree in the Management of Nonprofit Organizations with a concentration in Educational Psychology. She worked at Athens Montessori School for eleven years and as a Montessori teacher trainer for PAMS, Institute for Guided Studies (Camden, SC), and Montessori Teacher Institute (Athens, GA) before she and her family moved to Auburn.
 In January 2009, Susan joined The Village School, which she later led to become Village Montessori School.  She led this school for two and a half years before being offered the opportunity to help guide a brand new school, Montessori School at Hampstead, in Montgomery in 2011. After two successful years in Montgomery, Susan returns to Auburn. She is returning to her preschool roots, ready to observe and promote student development and independence, allowing each child to explore the prepared environment and to make discoveries that lead to fulfilling his or her innate potential.

Susan Harper, Educator
​The Physical Education works in conjunction with the philosophy of the Montessori Education in satisfying requirements aimed at every child’s positive physical and personal growth and development.  
Goals of the program include development of balance, coordination, concentration, gross motor movement, muscle structure and strength, music and movement, awareness of body, space, and others. This program will also incorporate aspects of dance which is geared to self-expression, as well as a way to help boost self-esteem and self-determination. These characteristics will be taught implicitly through Nancy Peters’s instruction.