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The education of the whole child built on a strong foundation of 
love, peace, and an inner desire to learn.  

A child is educated toward becoming a self-motivated, independent, disciplined, confidant, respectful individual. In combination with these skills, a child learns to develop relationships and valuable communication skills as a necessary component in the Montessori learning community. Learning the fundamentals of math, science,and language, through exercises aimed at developing the senses, then becomes a natural part of every child’s learning experience. 
The educator develops and strengthens these qualities and skills by introducing activities that are age appropriate, developmentally appropriate and challenging during the child’s “Sensitive Periods.” Both the teacher and child work in an environment which is condusive to the freedom to choose within limits.  

Dr. Maria Montessori  was born August 31st 1870 in Ancona, Italy. A physician, anthropologist, mathematician, educational reformer and advocate for human rights, Dr. Montessori was the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome’s School of Medicine. She revolutionized education for young children, developing a philosophy for a more child centered organic natural form of education, and moving away from the traditional industrial teacher-focused style of teaching. 
Dr. Montessori became involved with the mentally challenged children which led her to study the works of Friedrich Froebel, Eduard Seguin and Jean Itard. Dr. Montessori began to take more interest in matters affecting the lives of children, gradually returning to the University of Rome to study teaching methods, hygiene, psychology and anthropology. Responsible for the establishment of the first “Children’s House” on 1-6-1907 in poorest area of the San Lorenzo district, Italy, she began her calling in the development of Montessori Philosophy - observing and documenting the work of children. She held conferences and lectured on science, medicine, women’s rights and later, educational reform and teacher training. She initiated the construction of child-size furniture and equipment, and developed hands on tools to materialize abstract mathematical concepts. She observed the 5 sensitive periods in a child’s life and developed lessons aimed at developing the senses in order to allow a child’s true personality and potential to evolve.  
Dr. Montessori devoted her life to understanding how children learn, and trained educators to carefully guide a child to reach this objective. She passed on in May of 1952, a few months before her 82nd birthday.

  Among the many of Dr. Montessori published works:
The Absorbent Mind,  
The Secret of Childhood, 
The Discovery of The Child,  
To Educate The Human Potential, 
The Montessori method
From Childhood to Adolescence
The Montessori Elementary Material
Education for the New World

She revolutionized education for the young children 

...more child centered organic natural form of education 

... less traditional industrial teacher-focused style of teaching.