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​Many parents are seeking quality preschool education that values respect and an appreciation for cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. They are interested in a program which values their partnership in their children’s education, becoming integral supporters in the development of their children’s learning environment. They are interested in educators who understand the capability and uniqueness of their child, and educators who can respectfully guide and challenge their children’s physical emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Parents are seeking a loving, learning environment, a home away from home where their children can be challenged to be the best they can be. The curriculum includes: Art, Craft, Culture, Grace and Courtesy, Foreign Language, Field Trips, Gardening, Language, Mathematics, Movement, Music, Outdoor and Indoor Play, Practical Life, Project Instruction, Sensorial, and Science.

Parents enjoy being involved and are committed to providing safe outdoor and indoor environments for their children to learn and play.
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Our parents would be happy to answer your questions about the program. 
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I'm thrilled to see my daughter learning such detailed information about regions of the world, including local customs, native animals, regional weather conditions, etc. She comes home and tells us highlights from her favorite animals and countries. Thank you!
~Melissa Class of 2015
We have been very pleased & impressed with our daughter's well rounded interests that The Children's House has cultivated. It is so neat to hear her excitingly talk about other cultures, math, geography, and science. We especially like the multicultural exposure she is getting through her lessons. Her reading skills are really emerging before we even expected. I like how the teachers use her own interests to inspire her. The sense of community connection among the teachers and the other children's families is special to us as well.
~Bronwyn Class of 2015
What I like is that it gives me an idea of what she did at school and we can talk to her about it. I can asked her questions and if she did not understand something we can reinforce that. She really liked the study of different countries and I think it is really cool that these little kids understand that there are other countries beside USA. She mentioned Philippines, Ireland, Costa Rica, Australia and of course China and tried to figure out where they are. So I am really exited for the next year of school.
Thank you for you time and love for the kids
​~Sandra Class of 2015
Mrs Kam,
Looking at our daughter's knowledge, maturity and character, we really appreciate how much effort you, and of course your team, have placed into her individual development. It feels to us as if she is the only child you are caring for, because she gets a lot of attention. But we know other parents also feel the same. She has developed her confidence and interpersonal relationship very well. We like the constant challenges in the curriculum, and the broad cultural exposure. Though we could not make it to all of them, the parent workshops you organize are as important, since we learn why your curriculum is aligned in a certain way. Not the least, the kids have fun in the backyard and on the stage, all while learning and exploring. You know we wished she stayed for more years in The Children's House. Any way, sooner or later she will have to grow up, but whatever she learned in your "House" will positively impact her life. Thank you all for being part of that impact.
~Temesgen and Noriko Class of 2014